What makes your product launch campaign look like a success?

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Yes, you read it right!

Sales are the immediate indicator that your product launch is a victory.

The goal of most of the companies is to get strong sales results but there are more to consider when looking at effective product launches.

When you think about product launches, you may…

There is so much to explore in Quora to get the most out of it.

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Quora is an official Q&A website where questions are asked, answered, followed and edited by internet users. You can put your opinions or facts in the form of answers.

The company was founded in June 2009 and made public in June 2010; till the last year, the count of unique…

In our life journey, there are times, you’re a follower and there are times, you’re a leader.

Leadership is required in most of the situations.

When you’re in between an argument then take a lead and walk away only for the right time to sort later.

When you are losing…

Akanksha Bohra

Co-founder at Growthatch and a passionate marketer who love dogs! Sharing my knowledge and experiences in Marketing and on thought-provoking topics.

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