Are you a leader or a follower?

Akanksha Bohra
2 min readMay 16, 2020


In our life journey, there are times, you’re a follower and there are times, you’re a leader.

Leadership is required in most of the situations.

When you’re in between an argument then take a lead and walk away only for the right time to sort later.

When you are losing everything, having a bad phase, then take a lead and figure out ways to get your sh*t together.

When your company has to deal with a setback, there must be people who lead the way towards growth.

When you’re dealing with ups and downs in a relationship with your partner, then take a lead to improve the situation yourself and make the other one understand.

Leadership is sometimes keeping your ego behind and taking the situation in your control to make things right!

We often assume that when someone talks about leadership, it only means that you need a title to be a leader.

“A CEO or President, that’s a leader?”

Most of us falsely assume this.

I believe that leadership is an essential skill one should have, regardless of your job.

Also, do you think leaders are born?

Some people are naturally, dominant and assertive but leadership is more than those things.

How do you get people to follow you?
How do you get people to listen to your ideas & perspectives?
How do you influence the people around you?

Leadership is not about you making people do something!

What I believe is that you can only lead by examples, there is no effective way to inspire people.

Take ownership, there is no bad team but only bad leaders.

How do you set an example?

Expect from others what you expect from yourself.

Be clear about your values and rules, be firm on them.

Take ownership when you did something wrong.

Do not hold on grudges, there is no place for your ego.

Respect others perspectives.
Do not try to change anyone or tell them to change, if one realises then they might improve themselves.

Be confident enough to stand up to something you feel is wrong.

Instead of arguing, understand the situation or the story behind it.
Stay calm and respond. (I said respond not react).

This goes without saying that once people observe your way of handling things and others, then they would love to follow you.

They will listen to your stories, your perspectives and hence you will lead them to improve their lifestyle, work, way of thinking, relationships, etc.

This is how you become a leader.
We all are followers but it takes courage and determination to become a leader for the good.

So, who is willing to step forward and become a leader?

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