Are you struggling to build some engaging content during COVID19?

Akanksha Bohra
2 min readMay 2, 2020
Content marketing ideas

COVID19 has hit hard for most of the companies which made them work for their risk management.

But the good news for the marketers is that SEO is still in demand as the impact of the crisis on SEO is not much comparatively.

SEO does take time to reap the rewards but it is a long-term investment and the companies working on their SEO is doing quite well in the market.

Now, companies are preparing themselves to play with their content marketing and create remarkable content every day, just to make sure that they are prepared for the post-COVID world.

I’ll share some tactics to help you build some ideas for your content:

  1. Improve your existing web content and replace them by using some keyword research. Top tools like Google Search Console, Google Trends, SEMrush and Ahrefs are very helpful, use them for keyword research.
  2. Another way for keyword research is “Google Search bar”. Type one word of your search term and Google will suggest you many other terms related to what people are searching for. (I find this the simplest strategy)
  3. Do some research on Quora, the best tool for checking fresh content. You can search for some trending topics on Quora to write your content on what people are actually looking out for.
  4. Do you know about the Featured Snippet? If no, then let me tell you how effective it is to optimise for the featured snippet.

Basically, it’s when Google shows an answer or a partial answer to the question directly in the search results.

It steals traffic away from the other organic results.

It increases the chances of clicking on your website URL owning the featured snippet.

People tend to click on the URLs where they are offered the required information instantly.

5. Focus on implementing FAQPage Schema Markup. This will extend your snippet with the FAQ box. Google is quick to pick up such FAQPage Schema Markup and help you get the results quickly.

6. Always go for the content which is relevant to your target audience, do not let them feel that they are wasting their time by following you.

7. Do a lot of research to find what specifically your audience is searching for and give them the solutions.

I hope these few tactics will be helpful for you to build your content. Do share your views and tips on how you manage your content.

Thank you for your reading and do share this post!

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