How will you survive in the market and plan just the right strategies to benefit in this pandemic situation?

Akanksha Bohra
2 min readApr 27, 2020

Since we all know the impact on marketing budgets and jobs during this pandemic situation, some of the known brands like Coca-Cola pauses their spends on advertising as they have observed the sales fall by approximately 25% which is not at all normal for them.

There has been debate over whether the brands should continue spending on advertisements during this COVID situation, as it might set the brands up for long-term growth but it also lacks effectiveness.

If the demand for products is up then advertising is the most competent approach for the brand’s sales growth but the sectors like travelling, it is of no use till the circumstances are under control.

BT (one of the world’s leading communications services companies) has started a campaign where they have put the celebrities on screen for a few seconds simply to explain how to use WhatsApp or download a podcast. BT brand has been attempting to help consumers by branding a little and no product being pushed in the advertisements. They have taken a generic ad route of talking about “being there” for customers.

Keeping more focus on monitoring and responding to the online public opinion and redirecting the traffic to your main official accounts to ensure that authentic information about your business is transferred to the public.

Every day is a challenge for us to sustain in this crisis, we need to keep ourself consistent and just keep improving and accommodating to this “new normal”.

I would suggest some simple but powerful steps to fight the pandemic situation and be productive:-

1. Increase your online networks with people who might be helpful to you, who might inspire you, be supportive and keep sharing your ideas with them.

2. Grow your communities.

3. Engage yourself in the learnings, upgrade your skills and keep yourself ready for the after-effects of lockdown.

4. Shape your content and keep them engaging.

5. Brands should more engage in social activities.

6. Start something new which you have been procrastinating because this is the right time!

Let’s apply them in our life to grow and take full advantage of this situation. Be inspired and keep inspiring others!

Share your views on how you can make your life more productive.

Stay healthy and safe!

Thank you for your reading and do share this post!

Author: Akanksha Bohra

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