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Akanksha Bohra
4 min readJun 1, 2020

There is a reason why these Top Brands like Investopedia, HubSpot, Ted and Coca Cola have the best value in the market.

They are innovative when it comes to content creation and are the best at content marketing where their main focus is to create values for their audience.

Let’s get to the basic, what do you understand by Content Creation and Content Marketing?

When we talk about Content Creation, it’s not restricted to writing blogs or articles; people often get mistaken when they come across the word ‘Content’.

As a Content Creator, your job is to create ideas which are appealing to your buyer and to make that information accessible to them, you can create written, visual or audible content.

There are various content creation formats which you can choose to reach people with ease, some of them are blogs, videos, infographic, graphical content, and more.

Another important concept is Content marketing, it is an aspect of digital marketing that focuses on creating and distributing valuable content such as blog posts and videos to acquire new customers.

Earlier, there wasn’t such a thing as entrepreneurship, people used to be more inclined towards the security options for their career and hence, going for jobs were common.

Today, entrepreneurship is put on a pedestal. They are the rock stars, the rappers, the basketball players of this century.

However, the time is changing and the job of ‘content creator’ will take its place.

What we think of a profession or a career is quickly changing as we are living in this era called Passion Economy. In this economy, non-producers meet with non-consumers and exchange goods. Virtual goods. Content.

Today, you can be a Blogger or a YouTuber or an IGTV streamer or a Medium writer Or a self-published author, publishing a new book every month. There are thousands of opportunities where you can build your own audience from scratch, platforms like Medium, YouTube, Instagram lets you publish your content easily and optimize it as well.

Content creators are just creative entrepreneurs, they are the first and foremost, communicators.

For the next generation, the career options have been broadened, they are more interested in these creative jobs where making money is not such tough.

Ask almost any modern kid who they want to become. They’ll say, ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’. Our heroes are the ones we saw on the screens — the vloggers, the YouTubers, Podcasters, Writers, Bloggers — its only natural that we want to be like them.

To become a Content Creator, you do not need to be focused on any particular degree there is no such degree for a content creator.

It’s an art, you need to be focused and religiously follow some simple guidelines.

Let me assist you with some steps which helped me to become a Content Creator -

1. Read news about your industry every single day

2. Write for yourself first

3. Study your industry’s audience

4. Try to put up your point of views about the things you read

5. Establish your own voice

6. Curate other people’s content

7. Include the helpful references inside your content

8. Offer solutions, valuable content

9. Network at every opportunity

10. Always have a tone which shows positivity, friendliness and concern about your audience.

Moreover, if you apply some strategies then it will lead you to success.

1. Set your mission and your goals

2. Establish your KPIs

3. Identify and understand your audience

4. Figure out the best content channels

5. Decide what content type you would want to choose

6. Plan and create a content calendar(this is a must)

7. Check and adhere to the best timing to post your content on various platforms

8. Distribute and market

9. Measure your results and check for the KPIs

Although your creativity and ideas are the keys to become successful, some tools like Buzzsumo, help you easily get content ideas, create high-performing content, monitor your content performance and be research assistant.

You can check for some online courses to help you get into Content Creation. I recommend Udemy and HubSpot for quality online training at reasonable prices or for free.

The Passion Economy created a whole new sector of jobs, allowing people to monetize their thoughts, skills, and ideas.

Its time to Think Outside The Box!

Are you a content creator? I would love to share experiences and ideas, let’s connect!

Thank you for your reading and do share this post!

Author: Akanksha Bohra

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