Thinking is your superpower if you utilize it wisely.

We need to train our mind to become the best version of ourself.

Akanksha Bohra
3 min readJun 12, 2020
Thinking Power

We all have our goals to achieve in this life, but we need to choose the best decisions and come up with a list of actions that get us there.

I believe you don’t discover your true self - you create it.

In this era, where media is the king, it has become easy for us to follow our ideal popular person.
The way they speak, how they have achieved their success, how is their personality, why do they do what they do and even their personal lives aren’t a big mystery now.

We get influenced by their actions, we pick some of their traits and work on absorbing them in ourselves.

It need not to be some popular person, you can get influence by anyone around you whom you find to have those qualities which you want to have in yourself too.

The point is, you should work on yourself hard, to create your true self.

Ask these simple questions to yourself to create the person you want to be.

How does that person act?
What addictions is that person going to fight?
How does that person walk?
How does that person think?
How does that person talk?
What will that person believe?
What will that person rebel against?

Get committed to answering these questions and you’ll be committed to change. You can’t change your life with a fixed mindset.

Open-mindedness is sexy and it starts with questioning self.

Understand that your personality is dynamic, flexible and contextual.

The environment will change based on your actions and you get to choose how you act in preparation for your future becoming.

Accept what has happened and find a way to use it to your advantage.

Make decisions with an open mind.

Trying to make a decision for your future is tough because the person you are in five years’ time is going to be different.

Lose the victim mindset.

Some people take what happened in the past and justify it as factually correct for the future too.

Why don’t you take what has happened in the past and change it for the future? Doesn’t it make more sense?.

Choose people based on who you see them becoming.

The idea is not to choose people who are perfect in the present but to choose people based on who you think they can become and grow into.

Choose potential.
Choose someone who is open-minded.
Choose someone who you can grow with.

Understand your behaviour, do self-analysis and improve to become a conscious human being.

For example, I might have done some things in the past years which I’m not quite proud of. But once I understood what was driving me to that behaviour, I worked on myself and changed it.

Remember, change is the only constant thing!

This is just not the saying, but the truth.

Until you observe, think, understand and act to improve, you won’t be progressing in life.

Your brain is designed to protect you from uncertainty.

Your brain wants you to feel comfortable and be in familiar surroundings. But we all are smart enough to believe that growth comes from discomfort.

Your bicep muscle doesn’t grow when it’s comfortable. It has to be pushed beyond failure and to experience pain continuously, for a sustained interval of time before even the tiniest bit of growth can be noticed by a stranger.

Always ask one question to your mind:
“What’s the worst that can happen?”

No matter how uncertain you are and what happens, you’ll be fine.
Everything works out in the end in the best possible way!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” — Albert Einstein

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